For over 20  years, Valoy Medical has collaborated with medical & Laboratory professionals across the country to pursue unique business opportunities for medical services and products.  We’ve earned our outstanding reputation by solving the inherent challenges related to the business by going above and beyond service norms.  Our relationships are marked by cohesion, soundness and stability.


VMS is proud to offer health and safety consulting assisting schools, hospitals, government agencies and commercial entities with health and safety programs. Since its founding in 2009, VMS has assisted clients throughout the United States. Our staff of experienced consultants are knowledgeable  in many fields and specialties.


Helping create healthier communities is our goal, and lab services play a larger role than you would expect in making that goal a reality. You can’t fix a problem or innovate a solution if you haven’t first identified what’s going on.

From diagnosing health problems to studying DNA and giving patients hyper-personalized treatments and health plans—lab tests give us the right information to deliver the right solutions and better health outcomes to every member of our society so we can all live longer, fuller lives


In response to the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) VALOY Medical has expanded its capacity and increased its diagnostic capabilities to meet local, state and federal needs.  Valoy Medical has stepped up and worked with local communities and organizations to provide Personal protective equipment during this time of need.