Physician Lab Services

Poor Service Impacts Patient Care & Profitability

Finding the right fit with a business partner can often times be a challenge. This is particularly true in the healthcare world, where a mismatch in choosing a vendor has the potential to cost lives and millions of dollars in the process. You don’t leave the health and well being of your patients to chance, and the Partners at VM Solutions doesn’t either. Quality, reliability and service are the cornerstones of the relationships VM Solutions partners has built with its lab partners, and those qualities are passed along directly to our clients.

Most healthcare providers have experienced one or more of the following issues with their laboratory:

  • Unacceptable turnaround time for results once patient samples are submitted;

  • Lengthy or poorly-written lab reports that aren’t suitable for a hectic clinical environment;

  • Payor/insurance company denials for clinically necessary tests that have been administered;

  • Generally unacceptable customer service.

VM Solutions partners understand the frustration clinicians have when needs are unmet and can help you source a laboratory to ensure that these problems won’t rear their ugly heads again.

Just like our customers, VM Solutions partners are dedicated to improving the safety and quality of life for patients, while protecting physicians and increasing their office efficiency.

By clicking the Get Started link, your team can begin a comprehensive, no-obligation discovery process where your needs and goals are discussed in depth and your team can learn more about how VM Solutions partners can provide you with tangible benefits.


Mobile Phlebotomy Services 

Valoy Medical home and business bound phlebotomy collection service. Our mobile lab specimen collection and delivery service makes getting lab work easy. No more waiting in line at a local out patient lab or hospital for hours just to be stuck in the arm by an unsympathetic technician.


Our Mobile Laboratory Services is available for individuals, doctors, skilled Nursing and Rehab, assisted living facilities, and home health agencies. We can give you the help you need from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.


We are changing the way people think about Lab Techs and Phlebotomist laboratory services one patient at a time. Unfortunately, most corporate labs have developed a very poor reputation among doctors and patients alike. Inexperienced staff, lost specimens and indifference to patient care and comfort are common complaints. Painful, bruised venipuncture sites, multiple needle sticks, and nervous and hurried interaction are the result of inexperienced and transitory staffing at these laboratories. If you have special needs; Infants, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, special needs children, difficult veins, needle phobia, anxiety, repeat testing (standing orders), we can help make getting lab tests done at your own home or business place.


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