Through our Detailing services, our customers gain access to both clinical and private practice doctors, of every medical specialty, throughout the country. This particular service is suitable for:

•Companies who want to communicate and manage new or already products.

•Pharmaceutical companies who want to communicate their products to medical specialties that don’t relate to the core of their    therapeutic categories.

•Companies who lack a significant sales infrastructure but own interesting and break-through products (e.g. biotechnology              companies).

•Smaller companies who want to expand their detailing activity to new geographic areas.

•Companies that due to internal restructuring want to reduce their promotional and sales force expenses.


Using our Outsourcing solutions, Cannabis companies enjoy a number of benefits that help them thrive and at the same time maintain a high degree of flexibility. These benefits include:

•Lower Costs: By making use of our already existing business structure outsourced teams don’t require you to monitor, manage      and go through the daily business a sales team entails (e.g. routings, reporting etc.).

•Greater Flexibility: You can decide which territories an outsourced sales team will cover, which specialties they are going to visit    and with what frequency. Additionally you can change the number of sales reps communicating your products.

•Improved Efficiency: You can tap into our company’s experience in medical and pharmaceutical sales, make use of already            established relations with health-care professionals and at the same time gain access to our rich market insights.

•Reduced Risk: Normally a large sales force calls for greater commitment and increased risk. With our outsourcing model you          pay for services rendered rather than the normal cost of payroll, entitlements, social benefits, travel etc.

•Focus on your Core Products: Sometimes companies sit on “goldmines” without even realizing it. “Goldmines” are products        that don’t belong to the core therapeutic areas a pharmaceutical company focuses on but have a chance to succeed and offer      additional profits to their owners. With the use of an outsourced team these products increase their probability of success and      at the same time pharmaceutical companies can stay focused on their core products.


VMS with its highly experienced management team, carefully selected staff, continuous workforce training and high quality services, is the partner who will add value to your products and help to:

•Increase your products sales.

•Communicate efficiently your products’ characteristics both to the doctors and to the pharmacists.

•Reach people with influence in the pharmaceutical market effectively.

•Reduce the risks associated with maintaining a large sales force.


  Prior to the launch of any sales campaign, our company’s management team works closely with our clients in order to design a      tailor-made sales strategy based on their objectives and their targets.

Together we can plan for:

•The optimal size of the sales force.

•The territory coverage.

•The ideal call frequency.

•Candidate profiling.

•Recruitment and selection methods.

•CRM systems and sales reporting.


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